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Dental Safari is coming!

Dear Anna District 37 Families,

Dental Safari Company, a mobile dental corporation, travels to schools to provide dental wellness checkups, and urgent care treatment, for children of all ages (pre-K through 12th grade). 

Dental Safari is coming to Davie/Junior High on February 13th and and to Lincoln School on February 15th. 

Dental Safari Company is a fully licensed, professional company that believes dental wellness begins with a 3-part approach: Education, Treatment, and Prevention.  On the day of the visit your child/children will receive a visual exam (no x-rays) by a licensed dentist, a cleaning, Fluoride treatment, and sealants as needed.

All Children Are Eligible!

  • Children with a Medicaid / All Kids Identification number

  • Children who are on free or reduced lunch program

  • Children with private insurance (provide information)

  • Child with cash payment (cash or check)

In the event that your child does not qualify for any of the above, you may pay by cash/check/credit card via PayPal for our services. Your child will receive an exam, cleaning, Fluoride and sealants where needed.

The cost for our services is $75.

PLEASE NOTE:  If your child is in Kindergarten, 2nd, or 6th grade, or will be in 9th grade next school year,  the State of Illinois does require a dental exam to be on file.  This appointment fulfills that obligation.

Following your child’s treatment, a letter will be sent home indicating the treatment your child received during our visit as well as follow-up treatment he/she may need.

To take part in this service, please complete and return the consent form to the school nurse by Monday, February 5, 2024 or fill out your form online here.

If you have any questions, please contact my office at 618-833-8022.

Best regards,

Candice Sauerbrunn, BSN, RN
School Nurse
Anna District 37

Davie/Jr High

Lincoln School

Every school deserves a school nurse!