Anna District #37 Education Foundation is seeking members to fill vacancies on its Board.

Anna District #37 Education Foundation Seeking Members

Anna District #37 Education Foundation is seeking members to fill vacancies on its Board.

     This Foundation was formed the year that COVID-19 upset our world and the State did not allow gatherings of public meetings. So for that reason, we sat silent for a few years. During those couple of years, Foundation Board members have moved out of the district, some have retired or have other obligations and some have just lost interest.  Due to all the above unforeseen situations, we are looking for new members to keep this Foundation active and moving forward. 

     Our purpose as a foundation is to promote, encourage, and foster education in Anna District #37.  We develop and provide information to the community and public education programs. We also solicit and receive gifts and contributions for and on behalf of charitable education organizations. 

     According to the Foundation bylaws that were set by the Foundation Board, an officer holder must live in Anna District #37 and meet one of the following categories: 


 Anna #37 Board Member

 Faith-Based Organization Representative 

 Financial Industry Representative

 Law Enforcement Representative

 Medical Field Representative 

 Local Business Owner

 Anna District #37 Teacher

 Member at Large

 Member at Large

 Member at Large

     The 11-member board will consist of the above classifications with different seats being held for different terms.  Some are 3year, 2year and 1year terms.  The Foundation is required to hold 2 meetings a year and will schedule special meetings as needed. 

      If you reside in Anna District #37 and are interested in holding a seat on the Foundation Board, please contact Superintendent Brent Boren or Tina Waller, current Foundation Chairperson at the emails below.