Food Drive

Food Drive - Student Council

Please send in donations with your student any time before Friday, November 22nd to be collected in classrooms and gathered by the student council.

Suggested items:

                        Gravy                                      Canned Veggies                                 Cranberry Sauce

                        Boxed Potatoes                      Dinner Rolls                                        Pumpkin Rolls

Cookies                                   Stuffing Mix                                        Small Apple pies

            Mac and Cheese                     Rice                                                     Canned Beans

Chex Mix                                 Summer Sausage                               Crackers

Sweet Potatoes /Yams          French Onions                                    Cornbread / Biscuit Mix

Canned Soup                          Muffin Mix                                         Juice                                               

Apple Sauce                            Fruit Cocktail                                     


Thank you families for all you do to make the world a kinder, better place.